Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spellbinding Nails Giveaway

Psstt, hey you. Yeah, you! Have you see the new stamping plates from MoYou London? They are freaking adorable! I'm gonna save me up some money and BUY ALL THE PLATES! Crazy excited about these yo. 

I case you haven't seem them: here, yup, right here.  Check it out!

In the mean time, I'm going to fill out every possible entry into the giveaway Spellbinding Nails is having.  You probably shouldn't enter though, would lower ma chances and I'll have to come after you.  Can you imagine the news story? "Insane polishaholic is arrested for breaking and entering.  Only thing stolen was nail polish implements and art"

I guess you can risk it if ya want...but probably not a good idea

Peace out lovas! Paint happy!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lacquerheads of Oz and Arcane Lacquer Giveaway

I don't know about anyone else, but I am dying to get my hands on Australian polishes, like dying!
Don't enter though...cause I wanna win...and I will hunt down :-p

Friday, November 30, 2012

Polish Swap with Laura at Mice in the Kitchen

I love polish swaps.  It's always a surprise in a package and so exciting- you never know what the other person picked out for you! Due to loooooving swaps, I joined the LaLa Lists and Lipgloss and Crayons nail polish swap. 
I was paired up with Laura from Mice in the Kitchen (such a cute name!).  We weren't provided with much information and I wanted to make sure I got Laura polishes that she would like so I quickly emailed her.  After a few emails back and forth I was ready to go shopping!
Just a few days after I sent Laura's package out, I received hers.  I was sooooo excited to open it!
Spencer was super excited too. (pardon the creepy yellow eyes :))

Look at those beauties! All three of these were original to my stash and amazing with their own right.  Sally Hansen's are good for stamping and I know that gold is going to be my go to for that!
I decided to try the Lustre Shine (a new collection that Salley recently released).  Let me tell you, this color was fantastic.  Three easy coats and great coverage. 
Plus, it's such a unique color in my stash.  I have NOTHING like this at all!  The pictures don't do it justice but take a look.




Thank you again Laura! I will enjoy theses lovelies and proudly display them with the rest of their sisters in my mountain of polish.
Anyone else join a holiday swap and get amazing new beauties?
<3 Krystan

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swap from Aylin

Back in May, I saw a post on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember who) about a limited edition Essence collection.  Now me, I'm a huge Disney fan.  When I say Disney, what I really mean is Disney Princess'.  I looooove Disney Princess'! When I was in college, my friends knew how much I loved Disney Princess' and they got me all this silly little girl stuff like a princess bingo game, a small princess tent, stickers.  Silly things but I made me laugh.  Back to the polish...Essence was coming out with a Snow White Collection...and I had to have it! I mean seriously, 4 full size polishes (one a apple red and the other 3 glitter toppers) and 7 mini's (each named after one of the seven dwarfs)- so cute!
Unfortunately, Essence wasn't going to be releasing this limited edition collection anytime soon in the United States. So, I scoured Ebay, posted on LiveJournal, and begged just about anyone I could find to help me get this collection.  Then, I say a post on one of the mini polishes on a blog I follow: Posh Nail Art. Aylin was amazing enough to send me the WHOLE collection! Including the nail file and the stickers! And then, she included 4 other polishes!!! Goodness, I was so excited and extremely grateful. I was able to track down some of her lemmings and help her out too. 
I have only used one of the mini's so far but have no fear, I will feature them all at one point.

Thank you so much again Aylin!
Have you gotten to kill any lemmings through a swap? Have a favorite swap buddy?
<3 Krystan

CG Riveting

I know I have been gone for awhile.  Life got in the way of things. But hey, let's get back to it shall we?
I wasn't a fan of The Hunger Games until I went to see the first movie.  After that, I couldn't put the books down.  So exciting! I kept thinking about what Katniss would be doing. 
This leads me to Riveting.  Which is exactly what it is!

Such an amazing fire orange.  I love the gold flecks in it too!

Beautiful though it was, I wanted more.  So I added Cirque's French Roast. 
I won French Roast from a giveaway run by The Polished Perfectionist a few months ago.

This ended up being an amazing combo! French Roast is a brown glitter with slightly larger, and darker browns mixed it.  It really did look like tiny coffee grounds (and I love me some coffee).


Have you tried any Cirque polishes yet? The new collection looks amazing!
<3 Krystan

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nail Swap!

Join us at Lalalists for a Nail Polish Swap!
I looooove me some swaps!
Check it out: